line artYour wedding cake adds an elegant touch to your wedding celebration. It helps express your personality, and it can enhance your reception decor while providing a delightful, tasty treat for guests. Choosing the style, color, design and flavor of your dream cake can become an overwhelming task. Here are a few tips to bear in mind before you sit down for a tasting:

Where, When, and How Many

Choose the type of cake that suits your venue. Some types of cakes are simply out of the question if you plan to have your wedding reception outdoors during warm weather. A mousse cake should be marked off the list in these cases! Your baker will advise you on the type of cake and icing that will be appropriate for the season and location.

Also, consider how many guests you plan to invite. Try to get an estimated head count before ordering the cake.

Shapes, Sizes, and Flavors

Wedding cakes come in many shapes and sizes. They might have anywhere from one tier to five or more tiers and can be round, oval, square or any shape you like.

Cake flavor is also very important. You can choose vanilla, or chocolate, or go with other unique flavors such as pineapple, almond, or coconut. With some multiple tier cakes, you can have various types of mini cakes on each level so there will be different flavors everyone can enjoy.

Cake designs range from floral to ribbons to pearls and everything in between. Choose colors, designs, and a wedding cake topper to match your wedding theme.


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