This lovely couple met eight years ago while volunteering at a doctor’s office. Margaret remembers fondly how fun and outgoing Jong was – in fact; he was quite the life of the party. Jong remembers how pretty Margaret looked in her white dress. Although she was a little shy and reserved, Margaret says they got to talking one day on the bus as, by the looks of it, they have not stopped.

Margaret & Jong

That conversation continued on Facebook and was long and easy. Margaret would be excited to rush home to read his messages and reply. They never ran out of things to talk about! Jong realized that she was a special soul – selfless, smart, bright and just a beautiful person. He admits he’ll never forget her vibrant laughter when they first met and was the most beautiful sound of his life.

On one of their dates, Jong made the first move and held her hand. All the while, Margaret thought they were simply just friends and didn’t know how to react. On a subsequent date, Jong tried again to her hand, Margaret didn’t know how to respond so she once again, didn’t hold his hand back. Finally,  while deep in conversation, Jong began to talk about trust and whether she would, metaphorically,  jump with him. Again, he attempted to hold her hand and this time Margaret, took his hand and squeezed. She jumped. TOO CUTE!!!!

For four years they have continued to build their relationship albeit from a distance. Jong lives in Edmonton and Margaret in Sydney, Australia. They have realized that they don’t wish to remain apart and that they want to marry. I can’t blame them – they are just too perfect together! I admire how much they value their relationship – they have created such a solid foundation for a lasting relationship that not even distance can tear them apart. Margaret arrived from Australia only six days ago, and Jong flew in from Edmonton. Their lives are hectic, but they are committed to making their marriage happen. I love love love this engagement session! Humber Bay Park and Cherry Beach was the perfect romantic and whimsical site for their session. Their love is pure magic.

Photographer:  Samantha Ong Photography | Submitted via Two Bright Lights





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