Vanessa & Mackinley

Vanessa and Mac’s love story started at a rooftop yoga session. Their combination of goofiness, seriousness, and passion gave their lives such a balance that within a short period, they knew they were soulmates (as they revealed to each other through an incredibly sweet video (each taped separately) that was played back at the reception).When it came time to plan their May wedding, Vanessa and Mac were strict about one detail the wedding was about the two of them.

They stayed incredibly faithful to this detail and put together a wedding full of personal touches. Every aspect of their wedding was thought through, making for an utterly romantic and unique (not to mention emotional) wedding. “Autrey Ever After” was the overall tagline for their event, and the theme was “Bohemian Gatsby.” With a boho-inspired dress and incredible headpiece that was made by Vanessa’s mom, Vanessa played the part of Bohemian Beauty quite well.

The guests were to wear black, to keep the color palate of champagne and rose gold front and center, giving the event an element of sophistication. While most of the decor and details of the day were DIY (not to mention, incredibly meaningful to the couple), the one piece that was not was the beautiful dress that Vanessa wore. Her incredible headpiece was made by her mom, and had butterflies on it, which are a favorite of Vanessa’s, as her name means “Butterfly.”

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Her something blue and something borrowed was a ring that was handed down from her Great Grandmother, which is beautifully visible in many of the portraits taken throughout the day. They used a bible that Mac gave to Vanessa on their first date, where he marked a verse for her. And I didn’t know this, as I was trying to find the florist info, but her mom also was the one who made all of the floral arrangements! White roses were included in the bride’s bouquet, as these were the flowers her father always brought to her. Vanessa’s incredibly talented mother also made the heart wreath featured at the venue, and it was created with flowers from Vanessa’s backyard (from her home up north)Their ceremony site was the outdoor scene of Kraft Azalea Garden, nestled in Winter Park. FL.

The venue’s exedra gave the couple, who wanted the focus on just the two of them, a sense of intimacy–as the guests were arranged just behind the exedra, and were able to view the couple’s nuptials through the pillars. They knew within seconds of arriving at the park for the first time that it was so them, and that it was the perfect venue. They moved the intimate party to Chez Vincent, where the clean blue uplighting gave a crisp and put-together look to the place.

Their wedding was a great mix of nature and sophistication. Vases of Queen Anne’s Lace made up the simple and classic table decor, and lit candles throughout gave off a romantic ambiance in an otherwise modern room. The tables also included jars with maple syrup from where Vanessa grew up. Everything from the decor to the song choices, to the vows that were read-Vanessa and Mac’s incredible boho meets Gatsby wedding was one for the books!?

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Photographer:  Jamie Reinhart Photography | Dress Store:Something New Bridal Boutique | Dress: Yolan Cris Hair Stylist: Stella Luca Salons | Makeup Artist: Trifiro Art | Caterer: Chez Vincent | Event Venue: Kraft Azalea Garden | Bakery: Small Cakes of Winter Park | Submitted via Two Bright Lights




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