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Perfectly Romantic Bohemian Braided Updo


We love boho and this beautifully loose bohemian braided updo is the perfect look for a summer wedding. Thanks to Jennifer Fujikawa Photography and  Blooming Beauty By Cammy you will be able to create your own gorgeous look by following a few easy to follow steps. NA_NA_Jennifer_Fujikawa_Photography_01_low

Step 1: Curl entire hair with hot rollers or a 1-inch curling iron.

Step 2: Taking the front bangs and set it aside. Now section hair into four sections. (Top, left and right side, and the back)

Step 3: Now section the top crown area and tease to get the desired height.

Step 4: Make sure the crown area is smoothed out nicely, then pin the back of the hair. Now spray the crown area with hairspray.

NA_NA_Jennifer_Fujikawa_Photography_05_low Step 5: Roll strands of hair in the back and pin it towards the center. Step 6: Pin up all the hair in the back. NA_NA_Jennifer_Fujikawa_Photography_07_low Step 7: French braid the top right section of the hair and tie with rubber band. Step 8: French braid the left side section and tie with rubber band. NA_NA_Jennifer_Fujikawa_Photography_11_low Step 9: Pin the right strand of the braid to the top back and make sure it’s hidden underneath the other pinned hair. Step 10: Do the same to the left side. NA_NA_Jennifer_Fujikawa_Photography_13_low Step 11: Set the hair with a finishing hairspray. And accent hair with a Marisol Aparicio hairpin. NA_NA_Jennifer_Fujikawa_Photography_MG0392_low NA_NA_Jennifer_Fujikawa_Photography_MG0426_low

Photographer:  Jennifer Fujikawa Photography | Hair Stylist: Blooming Beauty By Cammy | Veils and Headpieces: Marisol Aparicio | Submitted via Two Bright Lights






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