As I look at these images I can feel the sun on my skin, smell the sweetness of the bright yellow flowers and be in awe of the majestic mountains of Utah. Is there anything more beautiful than the feeling of happiness? As she always does, Pepper Nix has captured the tangible and intangible beauty of a glorious day.

Photography by Pepper Nix Photograph

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Lexie & Bryce

How did you and your spouse meet? We met through a mutual friend while playing horseshoes in the friend’s backyard. I will never forget the feeling I had when I looked up and saw him for the first time. His brand new white shoes, perfectly laced with not a spec of dirt on them first caught my attention. My parents always told me “you can judge a man by his shoes.” I did just that?

Tell us about your wedding day look: When I went to look at dresses, I had no particular “look” that I was trying to find. I went to David’s Bridal with my now sister-in-law, Teresa, and ended up buying the first and only dress I tried on. I knew it was the one. I always thought I would wear a long, extravagant veil, however, I never even tried one on. I saw a lace face veil (headband with lace over the eyes/nose) and fell in love with it. It was very classic and elegant and just the look I wanted. Because of the way the veil fit and my dress being strapless, I knew I wanted my hair up. I thought that would emphasize the beauty of both my dress and veil. I chose a very subtle necklace and simple bracelet, so it didn’t take away from the whole attire. My most important accessory was my shoes. As I mentioned, in my opinion, the shoes say it all!! I found my shoes at David’s Bridal as well. I didn’t expect to find my shoes there or as easily as I ended up finding them. I did not want average, basic shoes and I was very particular when it came to the size of the heel. I would be walking in mountains and on a wood bridge, so I found the perfect ones, which I did.

Talk to me about the decor: This is a tough question because honestly, my dad did a lot of the decorating. The most important thing for me was that things were simple, beautiful, but simple. I think our location and the fantastic scenery we had all around us did a lot of the “decorating.” Being in the mountains, with the crisp air all around us, the gondola continuously running, the music in the background, and the love of my life next to me- that was all the “decorating” I needed.

We had champagne and sparkling apple cider at the bottom of the gondola for when guests arrived before the wedding and hot chocolate and tea for the gondola ride down at the end of the night. That was a fun little detail for sure!

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Photographer:  Pepper Nix Photography | Reception Venue: Canyons Resort | DJ: Park City Wedding DJ | Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Vera Wang | Dress Designer: Vera Wang for David’s Bridal | Cake Designer: Carrie’s Cakes | Floral Designer: Every Blooming Thing | Submitted via Two Bright Lights


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