Let’s begin this glorious week with a beautiful wedding showcasing a Spring bright color pallet that put a smile on our faces despite the rain outside our window. The lovely Priscilla Thomas has captured every detail and every emotion of Darina and PJ’s day brilliantly, pun intended. So, grab your mug and scroll down slowly. You don’t want to miss any of the pretty.

Photography by Priscilla Thomas Photography

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Darina and PJ

From Darina: Pj and I were to leave Charleston for a trip back home to visit with friends and family, as well as attend a close friend’s wedding. Chris, Pj’s mother, kindly offered to dog sit while we were out of town. The plan was to take Chris out for a nice dinner at Oak Steakhouse before we left to say thank you in advance. However, sneaky Pj had a different plan for the evening. On the way down to the restaurant, Pj informed me that Chris would not be able to make it. I suggested we go home and enjoy a night in watching a movie with the dogs, but Pj insisted we enjoy a nice dinner to kick off our vacation. I couldn’t say no to a delicious steak dinner!

When we arrived at Oak, the hostess told us Chris had called and changed the reservation for us. We were seated at a small private table on the third floor, secluded from the other patrons. This was when I started to realize Pj was up to something. After enjoying a delicious dinner, we toasted to the beginning of our first real vacation together. Anyone who knows me knows that I am an extremely anxious person, especially when it comes to flying. Pj asked how I was feeling about the trip and what was bothering me the most about leaving. After expressing my fear of flying Pj began to comfort me by letting me know he would be holding my hand the entire time and began declaring his love for me. Before I knew it, he was down on one knee with the most beautiful ring in his hand asking me to marry him. Of course, I said YES!!

Following the proposal, the waiter promptly arrived with a bottle of champagne and soon after a large slice of chocolate cake, my favorite, with Congratulations written across the plate. Sneaky Pj had been coordinating with the staff all week to prepare for that special moment.

The Wedding: For their May wedding, Darina envisioned a spring garden inspired design. Tablescapes included an eclectic array of florals from roses to cafe au lait dahlias. The floral colors were bright and festive hues of oranges and pinks accented with white florals like gyp.

Bridesmaids dressed in soft pink gowns while the guys donned classic tuxedos. Darina’s sleeveless gown with a lace bodice was simply regal. The petite bride wore a sparkly pair of Badgley Mischka bridal heels. She also had a pair of Kate Spade’s specially designed KEDs sneakers to switch into once the celebration was in full swing. Darina’s first look with her father is so touching. Fortunately, Darina had a custom stitched handkerchief to give to him to wipe away a few tears.

The couple also opted for a first look, but at the historic Boone Hall Plantation before their ceremony at Hamlin Plantation’s clubhouse. After their outdoor ceremony on the lawn, with the Southern-inspired clubhouse as the backdrop, everyone celebrated cocktail hour with Firefly and lemonade specialty drink – a perfect refreshing beverage on a warm May day. Guests were treated to a Southern BBQ meal provided by Home Team BBQ. The rest of the evening was filled with dancing and laughter before the couple had a sparkler sendoff and sped away in a classic 1957 Bel Air.

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Photographer:  Priscilla Thomas Photography | Invitation Designer: Lucky Penny Paperie | Dress Designer: Allure Bridals | Location: Boone Hall Plantation | Cinema and Video: Dock House Digital | DJ: EPIC Charleston | Caterer: Fiery Ron’s Home Team BBQ | Event Venue: Hamlin Plantation | Dress Store: Jean’s Bridal Charleston | Transportation: Lowcountry Valet & Shuttle Co | Floral Designer: Palmetto Petals | Makeup Artist: Paper Dolls Wedding Hair & Makeup | Hair Stylist: Paper Dolls Wedding Hair & Makeup | Cake Designer: Publix | Equipment Rentals: Snyder Rentals | Other: Spike by Snyder | Submitted via Two Bright Lights




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