For the Bride to Be

There is nothing like your approaching wedding day to get you motivated to make some health and fitness changes. So, today we have the lovely Nicole Alaniz sharing her top five tips to get you started on the journey. Planning and preparing your meals ahead of time will not only help you get in shape for your nuptials but our hope is that it will become a way of life that you will continue well beyond your walk down the aisle.



1. PREPARE: It’s always important to prepare your weekly meals in advance. Whether that means going to the grocery store with a list of clean eats, meal prepping on Sunday (this is perfect for on the go brides to be), or knowing what your week will look like in advance so that you prepare snacks.

2. SHOP THE PERIMETER OF THE STORE: The best foods for your body are always found in the freshest of produce, and if you’ve ever taken a peek at the grocery store, that’s always found in the perimeter. The aisles are packed with processed, boxed foods, which provide little to no nutrient value. When planning your meals and snacks, always try to combine foods that are fresh produce and not found in a box!

3. STICK TO THE BASICS: By this, I mean, include protein, carbs (yes, you heard me right!), healthy fats, and proper hydration in your diet.  Also, make sure to try to incorporate a vegetable into every meal (I put spinach in my smoothies every morning!), eat lean protein that will help keep your body full and functioning throughout the day (fish, chicken, nuts). Carbs are a MUST (yes I know you’ve always heard to stay away) because they provide nutrients that help your body and mind function properly.  And you do NOT have to eat carbs in grains; you can find carbs in a variety of fruits and vegetables as well. Healthy fats are KEY to a proper diet (avocado, nuts, oils). Not only do they help promote amazing hair and nails, but they develop high endurance to help you get through your workouts so you’ll look fabulous on your big day!

4. EAT 4-6 SMALL MEALS A DAY: When you eat smaller, more frequent meals, it will help to keep your blood levels stable (no sugar high and then the infamous “crash”), which in turn is going to increase your metabolism.

5. HYDRATE: It’s super important to make sure you’re hydrating your body with at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. It doesn’t just do wonders for your body, but it helps to make your stomach feel fuller, which in turn is going to keep you from reaching for that cupcake in the workroom that’s just staring at you!


12794514_10107272047460470_6133439884219780484_nI live in South Texas with my husband who is a high school coach, our daughter, and 2 dogs.  After the birth of our daughter, I made a huge change in my lifestyle and started focusing on becoming fit again. Here I am, 2 years later I get to spend my days living my passion of helping others become healthy and fit, all while working on my health, coaching others to success in their health and fitness goals, and mentoring new coaches on how to be successful in the health and fitness industry as their own CEO.



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