Your wedding day flowers are one of the biggest floral purchases you will ever make, and, like many brides, you might be doing it blindly. A  florist is your collaborator – someone who “gets” what you want, or can suggest ideas and flowers you may never have heard about.

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Once you’ve set your wedding date and venue, you’re ready to begin the process of selecting your colors, decor and flowers. The venue, time of day, the size of wedding party, number of guests, type of ceremony, food to be served, all will help determine the look and feel of your special day. When budgeting, a good rule of thumb is to allocate about 10% of the total cost of your wedding for flowers – remember – they are going to be in the photos you will cherish for the rest of your life!

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With that said, do you have a theme? Are you trying to evoke a sense of place or mood? Elegant? Casual? Paris? The beach? If you’re not sure, let your florist help guide you. Nancy, Head Designer, and Owner of The Flower Bar in Larchmont New York tells us that she always sends a questionnaire to a prospective couple to be completed and returned before they meet so she can prepare ideas and suggestions. Again, choosing your wedding flowers should be a team effort – your florist has the knowledge and skill to help you achieve your goals.

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So, what’s the best way to evaluate which florist is right for you? We suggest that you meet with a few and get a feel for how you will work together. Try to visit at least three florists. Be prepared to articulate your ideas and have some images of what you would like to see. Regardless of your budget, set priorities and share those priorities with the florist. Whether your budget is the most important or having a particular flower, look to your florist to help you strike a balance between your wants, needs, and your budget.

A lot goes into creating beautiful arrangements, centerpieces and bouquets perfect for your special day. The right florist will be an excellent educator and collaborator and ultimately be your best guide for creating a setting as beautiful as your future.

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