Heather and Sean met for the first time on a hot July day on the beach. She was with a group of girlfriends and had no interest in meeting anyone new. But, as it happens, a friend of Sean’s had a feeling that knew they would be a good match and introduced them.00

Heather and Sean

I remember she was wearing this blue bathing suit and had her hair done really beautiful.

Later that night Sean asked Heather to come to a bonfire with him to have some time to get to know each other. Heather’s girlfriends wouldn’t have it, so they exchanged numbers and went their separate ways. Almost six months later Sean finally convinced Heather to go on a date with him.

I couldn’t believe how nervous I was to go on a date with him!, I had butterflies the moment I walked in and knew I was going to like him.

They found themselves lost in conversation for hours and hours. From that moment on Heather and Sean became inseparable. Sean’s goofy side and sense of humor had Heather swooning. She knew that no matter what happened throughout her day that when she saw Sean’s face, he would have her laughing in no time. Heather had Sean hooked with her ability to talk to anyone and make them feel welcome. Her love for Sean was apparent. Every day he opens his lunch made by Heather, there’s a little love letter telling him exactly what he means to her and how much she loves him. It’s all about the little things. Every Christmas day is also day filled with engagements. But Sean is not one to be cliche. He wanted to catch Heather off guard. On Black Friday after Heather had gotten back from shopping, Sean took her out to a nice dinner and back home for a glass of wine. He asked Heather to take a photo of them standing in front of the Christmas tree. When they looked at the back of the camera, Sean asked Heather what that shiny thing was hanging on the tree when she turned around she saw and engagement ring dangling from one of the branches. Tears immediately overcame Heather as Sean got down on one knee and asked Heather to be his wife. She ecstatically agreed. Photographer:  EmilyJanePhotography Submitted via Two Bright Lights

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