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{ Above Credits: Aida Krgin Photography, Flowers by Blooming Buds }

MOD Shoot is a creative opportunity for photographers eager to build their portfolio with images that speak to their personal style, build  lasting business relationships, network and get creative. We provide the details normally found at a wedding including the brides, bridesmaids, and grooms and give you hours of creative playtime to capture beautiful images while you practice your craft.

The Westchester Wedding Planner, Wedding Photography, Workshop, MOD Shoot_4672{ Above Credits:  Aida Krgin Photography, Signage by Black Label Decor, Event Planner & Styling by Beauty and the Details, Furniture and Tableware by Octavia + Brown, Flowers by Rosehip Social }


Our first portfolio building styled photo shoot took place at one of our all time favorite venues,
The Metropolitan Building. Stay tuned for details about our next MOD Shoot.


What should I bring?
Bring your creativity, your desire to network and have fun, and of course, your cameras, film or digital, and all the equipment you think you’ll need. This is the perfect time to test new lenses, hone in on your personal style, create beautiful images, build a portfolio, and play.

Is this event right for me?
If you want to spend a few glorious hours surrounded by other wedding visionaries creating and capturing amazing wedding details in a relaxed and incredibly gorgeous environment to build a portfolio of swoon-worthy photos that showcase your skills and your style, then MOD Shoot is for you. We do all the work of planning and organizing, all you need to do is join us and create beautiful images. We set up detail stations where you can set up your shots with a multitude of items that include invitations, flowers, cakes, models, wedding tables, and more.

Will there be photography instruction?
Although this is not a workshop, we are available to answer any questions regarding lighting, composition, setting up shots, etc.


We want you to take this time to not only create beautiful portfolio worthy images but also use this time to practice your craft and network with other photographers. As photographers, we need play time, practice time and networking time, and this is the perfect opportunity to learn alongside other visionaries who share your passion.


Many wedding photographers struggled to capture the bouquet, the rings or invitation suites in the way they envisioned before they arrive at the wedding. Nerves usually take over when they walk into the getting ready room and creating that Pinterest-worthy shot quickly becomes a challenge. You may not have the time to think about how to set up the perfect shot, and you end up snapping whatever. This may set the tone for the rest of the day. MOD Shoot is the perfect time to create and practice so that when you arrive at your next getting ready room you are ready and confident to capture that ring shot you dream about.

Let us do all the hard work of planning and organizing. Join us for a day of fun, networking and photography.

Can I use the images I capture for my portfolio, blogging or submissions?
Absolutely! The purpose of this MOD Shoot is to help photographers begin to build a portfolio that represents their personal style of photography, and we want you to show it to the world by way of your website, social media, blogging, and submissions.

* When submitting these images to blogs for publications or when you do your blog post all vendors must be properly credited and linked.

What exactly will I be shooting?
We will be setting up different stations of wedding details. Depending on the number of photographers present, the group will break into smaller groups. You will be able to set up your shots using any of the details available. There will be many of the details found at any wedding including invitations, flowers, table settings, brides, dresses, shoes, jewelry, cakes, etc.

I’m worried that everyone will have the same shots.
The idea is to take the details and props provided and set up your own shot allowing everyone to create something different every time.

Can I share images with vendors?
Yes, please! We strongly encourage all attendee to share images with all the vendors. You’ll be provided with a complete list of all participating vendors including their email address and websites.

Do you have a question for us? Send us an email here.

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{ Credits: Aida Krgin Photography, Event Planner & Styling by Beauty and the Details, Furniture and Tableware by Octavia + Brown, Flowers by Rosehip Social}

{ Video by David & Blonnie photo + cinema }We are so thankful for the generosity and graciousness of all the incredibly talented vendors who joined us at our first MOD Shoot.

We are so thankful for the generosity of all the incredibly talented vendors who joined us at our first MOD Shoot.

Beauty and the Details
Rosehip Social
Susie Saltzman Custom Fine Jewelry
Umama Stationery
Twigs & Honey
Blooming Buds
Black Lable Decor
Popilee Patisserie
Jenny Yoo
Blush Couture
Cake Heights
Nicole Taylor Photography
David & Blonnie PHOTO + CINEMA
Octavia + Brown

Swag Bag Sponsors: A special thank you to all our sponsors who are making our attendee feel special.

Black Lable Decor
Popilee Patisserie
Jane Iredale


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