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Beauty Milestones that will get your skin glowing
and makeup ready for your big day.


The wedding still feels so far away, but as we all know…time flies

It may be easy to think, “Oh the makeup artist will just cover it up” or the photographer can just “photoshop it” but the best advice I can give is to trust in the beauty professionals that can make some impressive changes that will make your entire look radiate on the big day. Here are some concrete tips to help you get your beauty regimen in line in the lead up to your wedding day.

12 Months prior to the wedding

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  1. First things first, put down the tweezers.  Now is the time to lay off your brows so they can grow in and be properly sculpted. We all know the eyes are the window to the soul, let’s make sure they have the proper frame.  If they don’t grow, pick up a product like Rapid Brow to stimulate growth naturally.
  2. Hire a professional and experienced makeup artist.  These makeup artists book at least a year or two out, don’t wait too long.  Find an artist with an excellent reputation for consistent, clean and classic work and bridal experience. Don’t know where to start?  Ask your photographer. Your photographer knows how great makeup photographs, so they have a mutual interest in your looking your best.
  3. Take a good hard look at your skin and your commitment to it.  Using a body wash on your face?  Still picking?  You have never had a better excuse to step it up.  An experienced esthetician will work with you to create an individualized plan for the next year to improve your skin.
  4. You can set up a series of treatments varying in intensity to improve your skin health. Start taking Omega vitamins, such as doTerra’s Lifelong Vitality Pack to boost the immunity and reduce inflammation in your skin. Add in a Vitamin A supplement, remember always to check with your doctor before taking any new supplements to make sure they are safe for you.


I highly recommend Environ. The blend of vitamins and antioxidants in this skin care line stimulates healthy and happy cell growth, and the result is glowing skin. The long term benefit…getting a jump start on anti-aging skin care that you will be very grateful for in the future.

3 Months prior

  1. We all know we look better in a white gown with a tan, but we also know that to take care of our skin we need to use a sunscreen daily. Now is the time to protect yourself, no really, from the sun and to scope out some alternatives. An organic airbrush or hand applied tanning treatment are an excellent way to get the look without the damage. You may have to try a couple different types of self-tan before you find the one that suits you best.
  2. This is a good time to start to whiten your teeth. You will be smiling A LOT in all of your pictures and a white smile just radiates (and looks great if you choose to go with a bolder lip color.)
  3. Schedule your hair and makeup trial. Bring with you a few pictures of makeup that you like, and be sure to mention if there is a specific style that you wear regularly. You want to feel like yourself just a more glamorous version of you. If you don’t wear makeup on a regular basis, trust that your makeup artist will give you a natural look that will be enough for photography.

1 Month prior

  1. Two weeks before the big day is when you will want to get your brows and any other facial waxing done. This will give you plenty of time to rebound if you are prone to breakouts or redness after a wax.
  2. Remember to drink lots of water and try to manage your stress level. Book a massage or facial and take an extra yoga class so you can relax and take care of yourself during this crazy crunch time.
  3. Hydrating masks and oil treatments like Environ’s Hydrating Oil Capsules are a great way to boost the moisture level in your skin and get that gorgeous glow we all want. Exfoliate your skin the day before using a gentle scrub or clay mask to ensure that your makeup sits beautifully on your skin. If you’ve taken care of your skin over the last year, this will be a beautiful booster treatment. Try Eminence’s Pear and Poppy Seed Microderm Polisher

Day of

  1. You’ve worked so hard! Now, relax, be pampered and enjoy your friends and family. Your makeup artist and hair stylist are there to make you look amazing.

xoxo Stacey

Stacey Palancia is a Professional Makeup Artist, Skin Care Specialist, Licenced Esthetician and Owner of Blush Couture based in Connecticut specializing in editorial, bridal, and special event makeup. As passionate about skin care as she is about makeup, her philosophy is that great, glowing skin is the basis of looking your absolute best. With ten years of experience in the beauty industry, she understands creating a unique look to compliment all ages, ethnicities and skin tones.

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