line artPinterest can be a busy bride’s best friend.  It’s a great place to start gathering inspiration. Imagine the days before Pinterest when brides clipped images from magazines and created collages in notebooks.

Pinterest makes it so much easier to find just about anything from a theme to flowers ideas to decor ideas to colors to bridesmaids gifts to jewelry and everything in between.

A word of caution, though, because Pinterest makes it so much easier to find and collect inspiration you can quickly become overwhelmed and stressed out with image and idea overload. Be realistic and choose images to pin carefully and thoughtfully. You should also keep in mind that you should not expect your wedding to look like a Pinterest Board. Your wedding should be a reflection of you and your fiancé. A final word of caution, please, do not ask your photographer to copy images you’ve found on Pinterest. Do allow him/her to capture your day with originality.

Here are a few tips to using Pinterest like a pro.

Make Use of Secret Pin Boards

Sometimes secrecy is necessary to ensure a special and unique wedding. Secret boards are an under-used Pinterest feature that allows the user to curate ideas and inspiration without broadcasting it to the world.

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Use The Collaboration Features for Perfect Communication

Choose collaborators for any public or secret pinboards {by inviting them via email to join your board.} Using the board collaboration options you can invite a wedding planner to see your color and menu ideas. Want help choosing the perfect dress? Ask a bridesmaid or two to collaborate on a secret board.

Create Different Boards For Each Subject

Sometimes brides have one board for “wedding”. It may be more efficient to keep a board for each topic in the planning process. Creating individual boards for color schemes, venues, cakes, dresses, photographers, hair styles, destinations, floral arrangements, and menu ideas make it easier to compare ideas and collect inspiring ideas. You may pin the same image to multiple boards when appropriate.

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Write Descriptive Captions

Changing the descriptive caption when you pin can serve as a reminder of why this image was pinned in the first place. Note what you love about the picture as this makes it easier when making final decisions.

Avoid Getting Overwhelmed

There are so many ideas but so little time. It is easy to go overboard and spend months pinning ideas and inspiring images. Some of these ideas may be unrealistic or impossible with a given budget. Early on ruthlessly curate ideas according to what works for your budget, personality, and preferences. The purpose is not to limit creativity; it is to avoid feeling overwhelmed. You may draw inspiration from ideas that are impossible to implement fully, just be conscious of what aspect is likely to work for your special day.

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Bookmark Potential Vendors

Whether it is a caterer, venue, florist or photographer Pinterest is a perfect place to keep track of vender’s websites and portfolios.

Use One Pin Board For Pretty Inspirational Images To Assist With Theme Selection

Any event planner knows how helpful it is to create a unified theme. One secret board may be a compilation of inspiring and beautiful images to help brainstorm theme options. The images may be re-pinned to new curated boards focussing on one unique aspect of the event.

Often the first decision a bride makes are to choose a theme and choose colors. The Westchester Wedding Planner Journal compiled some stylish and on-trend color combinations for instant inspiration. Once you select colors and general aesthetic theme, the process of curating and planning is so much easier for busy brides.



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