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The very nature of a wedding day means there will be some degree of stress as you get ready to marry the man of your dreams. Emotions are running high, there is a lot to do, and everyone wants the day to be perfect. But, there are many practical and easy ways to reduce the stress, so the wedding day flows more smoothly.

From day one make sure you have a wedding checklist with every detail recorded so you can tick off everything as it’s completed. This is especially important if you don’t have a wedding planner. Plan in stages such as preparation, ceremony, cocktail hour and reception to avoid missing anything. Don’t be afraid to delegate duties or ask for help with planning the wedding. Your friends and family will be honored if you ask them for help, and you will get through the checklist much faster.

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Have a firm budget and stick to it. Decide early on what you want to prioritize when it comes to balancing the budget. If music is important to your husband-to-be, let him choose the DJ. If you are foodies, take your time deciding on the caterer or reception venue and maybe use the opportunity to have romantic dinner dates as you sample the menus. Make an effort to enjoy the process of planning the wedding and that will eliminate any possible stress.

Make sure you are in top physical condition leading up to the wedding. Get plenty of sleep, drinks lots of water and do some exercise to make sure you look great and have high energy levels. Make sure your husband-to-be is doing the same.

On the wedding day give people small duties to do that will keep them busy. If someone in your family tends to be dramatic or prone to give them something to do away from the bride and bridal party. Make them feel special by asking them to do something such as oversee the ceremony set-up is perfect or deliver the buttonholes to the groomsmen.

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Plan your speeches and toasts for the beginning of the wedding reception. Many people find public speaking nerve-wracking. If they can be over and done with early, then your guests can enjoy the evening without worrying about the pending speech in front of a room full of people. Also, some people drink as a way to cope with stress. There is nothing worse than a best man or groomsman giving a speech while half drunk.

And finally, accept that there will be some level of stress. If you get stressed, try to accept it, and then let it go. Stress will fog your memories of the day. It is a busy day that many brides describe as a blur. You want to focus on the joy, love and fun of the special occasion.

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