Many of the wedding traditions and points of etiquette are actually held over from previous centuries, when society was a much different place. Many things have changed since those wedding traditions were first created, and many of those traditions have changed as well.

A case in point is the traditional walk down the aisle. In past generations it was almost unheard of for the bride to make that walk with anyone other than her biological father, but the dynamics of the modern family have changed this tradition a great deal. Wedding Blog, Bridal Blog, Westchester WeddingsModern wedding etiquette allows many different relatives to accompany the bride down the aisle in the event her father is unavailable. If the bride’s father is not available for the ceremony, his place can be taken by a sibling or by the mother. Brides have also made the walk down the aisle accompanied by their grandfathers, sons and even by their close friends. Under the rules of modern wedding etiquette all of these substations are perfectly acceptable.

But no matter who actually accompanies the bride down the aisle, it is important for the bride and groom to honor all of the parents at the ceremony. In this regard the traditional wedding etiquette still holds true. If at all possible, the groom should be accompanied to the church by both of his parents. The bride should also make her arrival flanked by both her parents. The wedding is a time of celebration, and it is important for those closest to the bride and groom to receive the honors they deserve. Modern wedding etiquette is an important part of the ceremony, and it is important to honor those beloved family members.walk down the aisle

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